Matrox Announces KVM Extender With WAN Support

matrox kvm extender

Matrox just announced wide-area-network (WAN) support with its high-performance Matrox Extio 3 IP KVM extenders. This new mode of operation enables organizations to introduce new remote work and collaborative workflow infrastructures by allowing users to access, share and control any centralized workstation located in another building or city. Featuring 4K and multidisplay extension and switching support, Extio 3 ensures a remote desktop experience critical for a wide range of control room applications, including process control, industrial and automation, military and defense, broadcast, medical and education.

Using a low-bitrate encoding platform, Extio 3 provides KVM extension and switching performance across LAN and private WAN infrastructures. This technology allows individual users to access dedicated systems or have multiple users connect to the same computer(s) — whether in the same building, between campuses, or across various cities — to promote collaborative work environments.

Extio 3 claims several advanced security features to safeguard the KVM network. AES encryption ensures secure transmission of all audio, video and USB signals as they are transported over LAN or private WAN. IT administrators can also integrate Microsoft Active Directory to manage user authentication and execute USB whitelist control of all connected devices. Compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, Extio 3 is a KVM extender that does not require installing any software on the host system. According to Matrox, it’s the ideal plug-and-play solution for certified systems that need to be controlled remotely.

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