Auralex Adds Eco-Friendly Acoustical Treatment Solutions

Auralex Acoustics now has multiple eco-friendly products. Auralex has also revised and updated its EcoTech Acoustical Panels with improved fire, moisture, mold and bacterial resistance. EcoTech panels are all “cost-effective” 1-inch treatments and the white color blends into many residential and commercial spaces. EcoTech panels are also usable for harsh environments. Applications include nightclubs, soundstages, restaurants, studio live rooms, gymnasiums, commercial facilities, multi-purpose rooms, industrial facilities, health care facilities and more.

Auralex Sustain Bamboo Sound Diffusors are environmentally-friendly panels with diffusion properties designed to reveal the true purity of sound in a space. Acoustically engineered from sustainably grown and harvested bamboo, Sustain Diffusors feature simple installation with wall, ceiling or drop grid mounting options. Several models are available:

  • Sustain Prism (3″ x 23.75″ 23.75″): eliminates flutter echoes and other acoustical anomalies without removing acoustical energy from the space. This design disperses sound evenly to create a more consistent listening or recording environment. Can be wall mounted or used in reinforced ceiling grids.
  • Sustain Metro (2.61” x 23.25” x 23.25”): adds a contemporary aesthetic to your room while eliminating the negative effects of flutter echoes. The Sustain Metro evenly disperses acoustical energy throughout the listening environment without removing ambiance from the room. Intended for wall mounting only.
  • Sustain Lens (3” x 23.75” x 23.75”): scatters and redirects acoustical energy and is an effective alternative to absorbing reflections. The Sustain Lens can be beneficial in numerous applications: Creating a “large sound” in a small room, optimizing absorption panels by redirecting energy so that they are more efficient or channelling acoustical energy into an adjacent space to enhance your listening or recording environment. Intended for use in ceiling grids only.
  • Sustain QuadraTec (4.1” x 23.75” x 23.75”): provides excellent scattering properties, resulting in a warm, musical character to the dispersed sound. Sustain QuadraTec Diffusors are a mirrored, nested pair, giving you two unique diffusion tools when used in combination with each other, or in larger arrays, can result in a more spacious feel in any room. Can be wall mounted or used in ceiling grids.
  • Sustain Pyramid (6” x 23.75” x 23.75”): optimized to provide high quality sound diffusion while also doubling as an effective bass trap when filled with absorptive material. The bamboo material offers a more musical experience when tested against comparable products made from hardened fiberglass or plastic. Can be wall mounted or used in ceiling grids.

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