Yamaha VSP 2 Speech Privacy SystemYamaha released the VSP-2 Speech Privacy System that uses audio technology to prevent speech privacy problems by reducing human voice intelligibility with customizable sound options. System components include the VSP-CU2 control unit with user-selectable sound types and volume levels, supporting two, four or eight VSP-SP2 speakers.

Yamaha’s VSP-2 Speech Privacy System prevents information leakage and avoids a high concentration of sound masking audio. The system can be installed around huddle spaces, open conversation areas and in front of and between small and medium rooms. From the control unit, users can power the system on and off, select their preferred sound effect audio (guitar, piano, music box and digital device), environmental sound (forest, brook, urban clatter and air conditioner) and performance and volume level for a personalized room environment.

The system layers in three key features for optimal sound masking:

  • Info-Masking technology developed to cover the human voice in unwanted areas with a sound level that is 8 dB less than conventional systems.
  • Environmental audio with four types of sound that is mixed into the speech sound masker.
  • Four types of sound effect audio added to distract others from the unwanted conversation.

The lightweight speakers are simple to mount to the ceiling or wall with the included mounting hardware and speaker cable (non-plenum rated). The back of the control unit features a speaker switch (2, 4 or 8) and four EQ options based on the configuration of the speakers.

Source: Rave Publications – A Great Source for AV News