pliant technologies headset adapter

Pliant Technologies announced the new 4-Wire In/out, Two-way Radio Headset Adapter. Designed with MicroCom XR customers’ workflows in mind, Pliant says this solution adds additional users by connecting a MicroCom XR system to a variety of wired and wireless intercom systems that have a four-wire connection as well as to two-way radio systems.

With MicroCom XR and the new headset adapter, additional users can be added to any existing four-wire intercom system, even those from alternate manufacturers. Additionally, the option to connect MicroCom XR to a two-way radio with one of the optional radio cables, allows users to talk through a walkie-talkie (or any other two-way device) using MicroCom XR’s headset and belt pack, rather than needing to separately key up the two-way radio directly from the radio itself.

The headset adapter also features a rechargeable battery with a 35-hour lifecycle. For stationary applications, it can simply plug into any USB-C charger. The LED indicator light, which lights up red while charging, will turn off to indicate the battery is fully charged. Additionally, the LED indicator will light up blue when the system is powered on and ready for use.

Source: Rave Publications – A Great Source for AV News