Disguise’s Newest Software Release Improves Workflows With COVID-19 in Mind

disguise r17.3

Disguise launched version r17.3, a software release that delivers an improved workflow for public and private spaces post-COVID-19. New features include Indirections, Multi-layer Editing, Object Assignment Hotkeys, Crossfaded Loop Section Mode and several improvements and bug fixes to streamline the user experience.

Headlining the release is “Indirections,” which gives all the ability to change keyframe objects. Users can change keyframe objects such as mappings, video clips, textures and configurations remotely via third-party protocols such as OSC, DMX or a dedicated API. This functionality unlocks new workflows for esports, making changes to the visual experience in response to gameplay, such as the spotlight that highlights who is leading the match at any given time.

The new “Multi-layer Editing” feature allows users to quickly edit multiple layers, saving time sequencing and simplifying workflows by assigning common parameter values across layers. The ability to select multiple layers and keyframe values to layers simultaneously allows users to respond to feedback fast and ensure time on-site is maximized.

Also included in r17.3 is “Object Assignment Hotkeys,” allowing users to tailor their workflows for speed and ease of use by assigning their own custom keyboard shortcuts for supported objects. Quickly iterate through layers to make creative changes, and keep up the momentum to deliver the production.

The addition of a “Reference Point Manager” allows users to stay on top of multiple projectors by viewing projector calibration points in a list format, which makes muting, unmuting and locking points easier to accomplish.

r17.3 also offers time savings in post-production with the new “Crossfaded Loop Section Mode.” Decide how media will loop in the moment, cross-fade from the end of the section to the beginning, or jump to the right place in the track for a take without having to play through the entire clip.

Other features to r17.3:

  • Updates to NDI SDK (version 4.5)
  • The ability to point manager at a template project
  • Alt-drag in the feed mapping editor
  • Clicking a tag or note now jumps the exact frame where the tag is placed
  • Dither parameter added to the gradient texture tool to help reduce banding
  • You can now pause the playback of a Notch Block
  • Import and export of feed maps

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